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Dagmar was raised in Germany by a family of women, where creating useful things from yarn and fabric was part of daily life.

She began spinning her own yarn and knitting garments in her early twenties and never stopped.

In her thirties, her journey in life and a happy marriage brought her to the USA , where she has been exploring the fiber arts ever since.

There was always more: knitting, new modern spinning wheels (and yes she still owns her very first one), wet felting and rug hooking, you name it.

Dyeing eventually evolved from a love for hand dyed spinning fibers. She began by dyeing fibers, spinning them into yarns and knitting sweaters for her children. This eventually led to dyeing yarn. After those first skeins there was no turning back.

A mere talent practiced in a home kitchen led to the building of a dye studio, where she now works to make New Mexico and the world a more colorful place, one skein at a time.


"New Mexico is my place and every day I'm inspired by its subtle beauty, the sunshine, the light. It deserves to be called the Land of Enchantment," Dagmar says emphatically. To her New Mexico is America's best kept secret. 

She continues, "Yarns often don't make in into the online shop. If you are interested in something that you may have seen on the podcast or at a friends house, just contact me and ask, I may have it in stock or have the time to dye it up for you. And I love talking to the the knitters out there who work with my yarn, I want to know what they create!"

Her latest passion has become designing knit wear. "I used to make up my own garments all the time in my twenties, I'm just rediscovering it." She feels fueled by the colors of the beautiful skeins she creates.

"Now I just need to add more hours to my day to have the time to do all the things!"

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